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A Ukrainian girl draws a heart on a window for her mother's bosom friend before a train departs from Warsaw central train station to northern Poland, 19 Mar, 2022.

Three months into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of Ukrainian returnees queue at Medyka-Shehyni border crossing ready to go home, 21 May, 2022.

Carver Law packs up inventory at his bookshop in Taipei, Taiwan, as he prepares to move to Britain. The 51-year-old had fled the expanding repression in Hong Kong for the promised safety of Taiwan and opened a bookstore in the heart of Taipei. Now he was leaving again.

20 months later, families of Beirut blast victims march outside the port where explosion erupted, continuing to push for justice, 4 Apr, 2022.

11 years since the war started in Syria, a Syrian family welcomes a new-born baby in an informal tented settlement in Bekka Valley, Lebanon, 8 Apr, 2022.

In the Shatila refugee camp located in southern Beirut, a man does push-ups on a rooftop in the summer of 2019.

A procession of troupes and sedan chairs arrives at the Donglong Temple, southern Taiwan, to prepare for a boat-burning festival that aims to ward off sickness, 31 Oct, 2022.

A group of young Cambodian women took a 'local bus' to a hospital in a village of the Siem Reap province for a blood test.

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