希臘難民新危機:COVID-19來襲,防疫標語成為最諷刺的笑話 - 報導者

Protest As Taipei Station Spark Migrant Debate - Southeast Asia Globe

Muslims in Taiwan Celebrate End of Ramadan Under Major Changes - The News Lens International 

Will Taiwan reform its system of labour brokerage to better protect migrant workers? - Equal Times 

回不去的敘利亞,留不下的黎巴嫩:流亡的「青年男性」敘利亞人 - 端傳媒

Taiwan’s Presidential Elections Through the Migration Lens - MotM Updates 

Why I Am Connected To The Refugee Community - Migrants of the Mediterranean 


Power of the purse: Hong Kongers find new ways to protest - Al Jazeera English

2019香港平安夜:抗爭中的耶誕,撐港不孤單 - 報導者

'Be my guest': Taiwan's Tsai Ing-wen woos online influencers - Al Jazeera English 

Contributing to "Taiwan’s ‘born independent’ millennials are becoming Xi Jinping’s lost generation" - the Washington Post 

Contributing to "Russia’s disinformation campaign in the U.S. has nothing on China’s efforts in Taiwan" - the Washington Post

The Social Remittances that Educated Youth Refugees in Europe Send Back to their Home Country - Developing Perspectives 


When Empowered Women Return Home: The Overlooked Risks of Women's Empowerment - Developing Perspectives 


Refugee Valentine: Love is political - Brighton Migrant Solidarity (BMS) 


(English version)





柬埔寨女權行動者:我專挑禁忌,直接剖開來聊 – 端傳媒 Initium Media

邊境上的新年:自泰遣返的柬埔寨移工為何笑著回家?報導者 The Reporter

不只是馬戲:柬埔寨Phare用藝術觸碰時代傷口報導者 The Reporter

當災難來臨時,人性與精彩的照片,你會選哪個?端傳媒 Initium Media 

誰分了嘟嘟車的餅?金邊現代化發展對傳統交通業的衝擊轉角國際 udn Global


2017 (She set out to be a freelance journalist covering global social issues since 2017)

難民抵達馬爾他後:嚮往破滅?還是絕地重生?報導者 The Reporter

難民抵達馬爾他後:我們都是有用的人報導者 The Reporter 

他們在難民船上 見證地中海的生與死端傳媒 Initium Media

當希望和你之間隔著地中海,你能作出正確選擇嗎? – 端傳媒 Initium Media

專訪日本在柬埔寨品牌 SUSU 創辦人:當社會企業面臨投資者撤場,該怎麼走下去? 

倒帶:張懸 X 公民對談 專題The News Lens


2016 (More focusing on the copywriting)

台灣有機會成為群眾集資亞洲領頭羊,可惜法規還不成熟 – Jason Best 《JOBS 法案》推動者專訪

跟我一起送燈到世界角落 – 專訪太陽能燈罩 Solarpuff 發明者

當颱風來臨時,你也可以不再讓農民一個人 – Cropital 農業集資平台創辦人專訪




Young Taiwanese Bringing Taiwan to Expo Milan 2015: Taiwan is giving up the international stage, but we can’t


「八仙塵爆案,你還關心嗎?」SOSreader 創辦人:新聞要群眾集資,困難不在錢


President Tsai welcomed deaf travelers C
'Be my guest': Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen woos online influencer
- Al Jazeera 

Social media blitz seen as a way to lure more tourists amid drop in Chinese visitors and show Taiwan as an open society.

Power of the purse: Hong Kongers find new ways to protest
- Al Jazeera

Amid the holiday season, residents call for boycott on business establishments perceived as unfriendly to protesters.

Taiwan’s Presidential Elections Through the Migration Lens
- MotM Updates

Migration issues have never been centered during Taiwan’s election cycle.

Undocumented Cambodian migrant workers returned home with a smile during Khmer New Year
- The Reporter(CH)

After the drastic change of Thailand's labour policy, Cambodian undocumented migrant workers were deported to Poipet during the new year.  

A week during Ramadan at Palestine refugee camp in Lebanon 
- The Reporter (CH &EG)

Amid the Ramadan season, refugees shared food and clothes with each other.

Male Syrian youths living in limbo: Lebanon calls Syrians to go home
- Initium Media (CH)

Many Syrian males left home for fleeing Syria's military service. Now Lebanon's government is pushing them to return home.

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